Discipleship Training – Sri-Mongol District, Bangladesh

Discipleship Training

4th Go Forth Leadership Training.

Sri-Mongol, Bangladesh

May 2018


4th Go Forth Leadership Training in Sri-Mongol District, Bangladesh (18th to 20th May 2018) Ministry Report.

We traveled from Dhaka by bus on 16th May 2018 on Thursday Morning 8am. By the grace of God we reached Sri-Mongol district safely after 2 in the afternoon. We subsequently stayed at a guest house and very thankful for all your prayers. We returned to Dhaka on 25th May evening.

All of the 35 participants were blessed by the lessons. This was our 4th Go Forth training in this place.


  1. Spiritual War Fare.
  2. Discipleship.
  3. Local Church.
  4. Follow up the old.


  1. Newton Sarkar.
  2. Pastor Toukir Hossain.


  1. Newton Sarkar
  2. Shantho Biswas
  3. Pastor Toukir


Sri-Mongol area has a lot of people that are involve with tea and rubber plantation. Many of our pastors are also involve within this industry as well. Their main source of income comes from this field of work, and at the same time fulfills their work in their respective ministry.

This time around, we were able to visit 35 of these families and spent a great deal of time counseling and praying for them. Please pray for our pastors and leaders so that they can continue to reach these nations.


I am Pastor Juel Khan, working for GFA Bangladesh. I have 2 cell churches within the area. I am working part time in the rubber plantation and spend my other time church planting within this community.

This GFA Training is so helpful for me to understand God’s Word in order to reach the unreached and to lead them to Christ. I’m learning a great deal of things from everyone. Thank you so much!
– Ps Juel Khan


I am Youth Pastor and currently running a mobile shop. At the moment, I am doing Market place in my ministry. My vision is to reach the community and spread the love of Christ to them. I learn so many things from this GFA training and it is indeed such a blessing for me.

My parents told me that after this training, it totally changed my life and I also feel that God is changing my life for the better. Thank you so much for this opportunity to undergo this training. God Bless!
– Youth Pastor Anish