Medical Camp – Comilla District, Bangladesh

Medical Mission

Medical services and consultations to the villagers

Comilla District, Bangladesh

22 June 2018


  • To provide medical services and consultations to the villagers.
  • To provide quality medicine, vitamins, antibiotics, etc.
  • To increase awareness of basic hygiene and preventive health care.
  • To determine the percentage of the most common diseases among the villagers and assess their most pressing medical needs.
  • To increase awareness on basic rights.


We were able to serve more than 422 patients in Comilla District, which is under the Dhaka Division. Common health conditions are stomach problems, Hepatitis A/B/C, skin diseases, dental problems, fever, mental sicknesses and diabetes. We also conducted blood sugar tests. By God’s grace, new cell groups can be established in this area.

Total patients – 422 villagers.
Team Members – 3 doctors, 3 medical staff and 6 volunteers.