Medical Camp – Meharpur, Bangladesh

21st June 2019

Medical Camp – Meharpur, Bangladesh

Medical Mission

Team Members
3 male doctors
3 paramedic staff
5 volunteers

Total Patients

Camp Objectives

  • To provide medical service and consultation to the villagers at their doorstep.
  • To provide quality medication and vitamins.
  • To increase awareness of basic hygiene and preventive health care.
  • To determine the most common diseases among the villagers and assess their most pressing medical needs.
  • To increase awareness of basic rights.

Meharpur district is a 7-hour journey from Dhaka. In this area we have many new cell groups where many of the members are Muslim background believers (MBB). Many pastors here are also from a Muslim background. God is touching the lives of many Muslim leaders in this area, making it a very fertile preaching gound. Therefore, this medical camp was very effective for our ongoing ministry in this district.

Most people came with health issues such as stomach problems, fever, pain, diabetes, skin diseases, Hepatitis A, B and C, dental problems and mental illness. Proper medication was dispensed and we also conducted blood glucose tests for some patients.