Quarterly Report – Tachileik, Myanmar

1st April to 30th June 2019

Quarterly Report – Tachileik, Myanmar

Community Development

Number of people / families reached out to – 106

Ministry Team – Ps Morris

No of Baptisms – 41

Home Visitations – 24

Firstly I praise God for His goodness and want to thank GFA for your faithfulness in all your missionary efforts in Asia.

Ps Theodore and Ps Chok from GFA visited us in June and taught us many new strategies for evangelism and skills in teaching the Word of God. We are really thankful for them and praise God for sending godly men to equip and encourage us. Our missionaries and believers are beginning to put into practice whatever they have taught us.

Our thanks also to GFA for blessing us with Burmese bibles. Our church members are reading the bible everyday and they have many good testimonies about how God is transforming their lives through His Word! Other believers have heard their testimonies and are asking us for bibles too. They too desire to have the gift of the Word of God!

I have also received a request for 30 bibles from some soldiers in the army. They are believers but do not have bibles. Many in the army are very interested to know more about Jesus but they are afraid to accept Christ because of pressure from society. Please do remember them in prayer that God would open a way for them to hear the gospel and be saved.

In May this year, 4 young men in our town accepted Christ and were water-baptized. They are from Yangon but have come here to work. We had fellowship with them regularly and visited them at their construction worksite. Sometimes, they joined us in our church service. The Holy Spirit began to touch their hearts and they felt the peace of God.

Finally, they repented of their sins and called on Jesus as their personal Saviour and Lord. Three days ago, they told us that they are now sharing about Christ to their friends! We pray that God will use them to bring many others to the saving knowledge of Christ.

All our children are progressing well in school. This year, 3 children of our missionaries are living with us for the purpose of schooling. Thanks to the support and prayers of GFA, all our missionary efforts are advancing and we praise God for you. Go Forth Asia is really “God For Asia” to us here in Myanmar. May God bless you!
– Ps Morris