Testimonies – Tachileik & Lawsanshi Village, Myanmar

December 2018

Testimonies – Tachileik & Lawsanshi Village, Myanmar

Community Development


Last December, we had carol-singing around our town. More than 2000 gospel tracts were distributed. On the 2nd day, some young people followed us and listened carefully to our message and sang along with us. At first we were a bit cautious because we were afraid that they were sent by the government authorities to watch what we were doing. They came to our church and we discovered that they were not from a group but individuals from different places. Some were from poor families and others were homeless. They were genuinely interested to find out about the real God. We shared the gospel with them and 9 of them accepted Christ! Very soon 4 of them will be water baptized, praise God!

At first we were afraid because we did not know who they were but now we understand what God was doing. God had a plan for them and also for us. These same young people are now faithful in our church, full of hope and believing that God can use them for His glory!
– Ps Morris


Praise God for His goodness and blessings in our ministry. Last October, I came back from bible seminary – where I am still pursuing a degree in theology – to continue ministry in Lawsanshi Village. We are all from the Lahu tribe. Our pastor is Ps Barnabas. I am overseeing the children’s ministry and youth ministry in our church.

On 21 November 2018, we had a practice for a gospel musical at my house. I noticed that one particular young girl did not attend the practice. I was informed that her father had been ill for a long time. The family could not take care of their farm and they were in need of daily food. He was a very strong believer in animism and would not allow his children to attend our church. He was always angry and shouted at us.

I informed Ps Barnabas and we both prayed for him. I also prepared rice and vegetables for his family and went to their house with some of our youth. They were afraid to go but we prayed and I told them that God was with us. We saw that he was very sick and weak. We prayed and cried to God for healing. I gave him some water and he drank it without complaining.

The next day, that man and his wife came to my house. He was completely healed! Jesus had healed him! The Holy Spirit touched them and they both accepted Christ! Last December, he and his wife together with their 3 children were water baptized! Through the work of the Holy Spirit in his life, now he is a completely changed man!

God is able to do anything and He is moving powerfully in our country. Thank you GFA for your work in Myanmar. May God use GFA to reach more lost souls throughout Asia!

– Ps Phyu Phyu Aye