6th GFA Leadership Training – Sri Mongol, Bangladesh

16th to 18th May 2019

6th GFA Leadership Training – Sri Mongol, Bangladesh

Discipleship Training

Number of Participants

Ministry Team
Ps Newton Sarkar
Ps Nirmol
Ps Binni

Subjects Taught
Cults & Sects
Power Theology
Cell Church
Revision of previous subjects

Home Visitation & Update on Sri-Mongol
The work of God in Sri-Mongol is moving forward smoothly. Many Muslim leaders are very close to us now and we have formed good friendships with them. Currently we are visiting many workers inside the tea plantations and also the small cell groups in their homes.

I live in the very rural part of Sri-Mongol. There is no public transport so we use rented motor bikes as our main transportation. When we cannot get these motor bikes we have to walk 5 or 6 km to reach our destination. So we are truly happy and we rejoice in the Lord that we can receive wonderful GFA training in such a rural area! I have been personally motivated by the lessons on Missions and Cell Church. Thank you GFA!
– Mrs Nitya (Women’s Cell Leader)

I am grateful to be given the opportunity to take care of a cell group. I am so happy to serve the people of God. Usually I visit the tea plantations and spend time counseling and praying for the people working there. We also visit their homes to have evening prayers. After a whole-day’s work in the plantations they are very exhausted but they are still so hungry for the Word of God! They feel strengthened and energized by the Word of God and prayer. GFA training is really very helpful for us. We have learnt so much from the training and we are able to apply all the teaching in our ministry. Thank you GFA for your love, prayer and support!
– Ps James Gomes