GFA Leadership Training – Hetauda & Makwanpur, Nepal

13th to 14th May 2019

GFA Leadership Training – Hetauda & Makwanpur, Nepal

Discipleship Training

We had 2 days of GFA Leadership training. This group consisted of mainly indigenous leaders, living in remote areas. We held this training at Basmadi Anugarha Church in Simalthali. Most of them travelled a long distance to reach Simalthali. Some travelled for 2-3 hours by bus and others walked for 1-2 hours. A very old pastor also joined our training and it was truly an encouragement for all of us to see him there! All the participants were very eager to attend our training.

We also gave them some time for a Q&A session as well as feedback about our training. The pastors and leaders had many questions which we answered. Every leader was happy and excited about our leadership training and gave positive feedback on the training, the ministry team and GFA. Previously, they did not have a systematic method of sharing the gospel and discipling new believers but now they are more aware of this. They are eagerly awaiting our next training.

Number of Participants
42 (27 leaders / 15 pastors)

Ministry Team
Ps Rohn Tamang
Amrit Lama

Subjects Taught
Understanding The Bible
The Holy Spirit