Humanitarian Aid – Phnon Krom, Cambodia

Humanitarian Aid

Phnon Krom Village – Cambodia

Prayers and Support

October 2017

Please do pray for this Phnom Krom village that we can continue to reach them with love and meet their daily needs. The poverty level is very high and estimated families there are around 65.

Small group at Phnom Krom meet on Sundays from 2.00 to 3.30 pm. They usually meet up at a Christian couple’s house, with a total of about 17 adults and 15 children. Christians and non Christians come to sing songs of praise and to hear the Word shared by Leang, followed by fellowship with simple snacks and fruit.

Families are very poor with many single mothers with several children each. They’re in need of help with education in health topics and need English classes for children.