Medical Mission – October 2017, Pakistan

Medical Camp

Mian Channu – Pakistan

Medical Missions

4th Oct 2017

120 Village,Mian Channu, Pakistan – 4th October 2017

Team Members: 2 doctors, 3 nurses & 8 helpers.
Patients: 122 persons.

Camp Objective

•To provide medicare to the villagers.
•To provide good quality medicine, vitamins, and antibiotics.
•Educate villagers on basic hygiene and health care.
•To determine the most common illnesses and medical needs.
•Among the villagers and assess their most pressing medical needs
•To increase awareness of basic rights to government aid.

This is a village with 95% inhabitants are Christian. There are 150 families but the literacy rate is low: only 10-15%. Unhygienic conditions have resulted in many sicknesses. Majority of the inhabitants rely on agricultural produce as their livelihood.

Common diseases include stomach problems, hepatitis A, B, C, malaria, diarrhea, eye infections. Blood test sampling for seriously-ill patients. The nearest dispensary is quite a distance from this village and unless the patient needs urgent treatment, they would rather stay home. They are praying for a medical clinic/dispensary to be operative in this village in the near future for much coveted medicare.