Leadership Training – Gopalqoni, Bangladesh

Discipleship Training

Gopalqoni – Bangladesh

GFA News

January 2018

District: Gopalqoni.
Trainees: 55 Trainees.
Teachers: Pr Newton Sarkar, Pr Anish, & Pr Simon.

We visited a home cell where the pastors and believers congregate to host us. A wonderful time of worship and the dispensation of God’s Word was given to edify the brothers and sisters in Christ. Frank sharing of difficulties and needs of the church here motion the Dhaka teachers to pray for God’s grace and guidance in their ministry.

Being an MBB, their holy book was a mystery to me as I could not read Arabic. Pr Newton had given me a Bangla holy book where he showed me many references of Christ within. After reading the Bible, the truth convinced me of God’s reality and I accepted Christ 5 years ago. Today, there are 16 disciples under my shepherding. This leadership training is truly a Godsent, as the courses are very relevant to my ministry of pastoring these sheep God has given me. Thank you so much.
– Pastor Nurul

Under my care is a woman cell church and my responsibility is to disciple the members to follow Christ
Jesus. Their spiritual growth is essential and this GFA training has brought me much know-how and practicality to help me in nurturing my sheep. Many rural leaders are in desperate need of teaching and training for caring of their sheep and to grow in their respective pastoral ministry. GFA training has abundantly helped us to be well-equipped for the work of ministry in this vineyard God has given us. Glory to God for this opportunity.
– Leader: Sifali Biswas