Leadership Training, Pakistan – February 2018

Leadership Training

Landhi District, Pakistan

GFA Leadership Training – Pakistan

February 2018

Venue: Landhi District
Teachers: Ps. Emmanuel Sadiq and Ps. Simon Shahbaz.
Trainees: 31 Participants.
Water Baptism: 13 people from previous visit.

5th Feb (Monday) – Visited 13 homes in village 75. After sharing God’s Word, 7 individuals gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ. The local pastor will be tasked to disciple these new babes into water baptism and spiritual growth.

6th Feb (Tuesday) – Visited 21 homes in village 13. This time 11 souls were delivered to Christ after being shared with the God’s Word. A demonic deliverance was successfully performed on an oppressed girl; after being bound for 7 years. Her liberation gave much witness to God’s power and many came to faith in the Messiah. The local pastor was given these sheep to follow-up, nurture and water-baptised in due time.

7th Feb (Saturday) – A Cell Group was inaugurated in village 173.

“Ministry planning is of such importance to God’s servants in ministry as goals and direction must be set in place for proper implementation and execution. Without these goals, the ministry’s future would be quite uncertain. Evangelism is God’s heartbeat and often enough, satan detours God’s people from reaching the lost with love and care. We need to be filled with God’s Word and His anointing to work the works of God, and this entails spending quality time in His Presence.” – Samina

“God’s Word is true and His love for the people in Landhi is evidently shown by the evangelists who came preaching the Gospel. The Grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ, my Lord came to me and my heart was surrendered to Him. His overwhelming love has transformed me and my life now follows His devine recipe: prayer-time before anything else and walking in accordance to the Bible. As a beloved daughter of the Most High, I now desire only to walk in obedience and according to His will.” – Rebecca

A Computer Centre and Health Care are in need for community development in Landhi.